A selection from 1000 basic japanese poems

6Alias Editorial, México, 2007.
Literature in translation: European poetry of the twentieth century.
Bilingual Edition (English-Japanese-Spanish)
Author: Robert Filliou.
Translated by: Cristina Rascón / DO.

In 1971 Robert Filliou published in Germany a selection from 1000 Basic Japanese Poems / ein Sublimat aus 1000 Gedichte japanisch; a book that contains the poems written by the author from 1000 basic Japanese words included at the end of the manual Japanese in a Hurry. Alias presents the translation into Spanish of this title; bilingual edition, illustrated with Japanese calligraphy from the original edition. Kichigái: madness / our sanity is madness / and our madness is madness (Robert Filliou). – 

Alias Editorial.

Some poems from una selección de 1000 poemas japoneses básicos / a selection from 1000 Basic Japanese Poems:

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