Writer in Residence


During the residence period the artist or writer undertakes a creative project which has been previously proposed to the institution and has gone through a selection process. In addition, the resident can offer readings, conferences, workshops and/or any cultural activity with the host institution. A writer-in-residence program follows organized application process and deadlines, as well as a selection process. To learn more about international artist-in-residence programs and apply as a candidate, visit: Resartis y Trans Artists.

International artist-in-residence programs where I have been selected:

  • Salvador de Bahía, BRASIL, 2012
    Fundación Sacatar
    International artist-in-residence program
    With full economic support
  • Shanghái, CHINA, 2011.
    Shanghai Writers’ Association
    International Writer-in-residence program
    With full economic support.
  • Montreal, CANADÁ, 2008.
    Quebec Writers’ Association
    In coordination with the National Fund for Arts and
    Culture of Mexico (FONCA, in Spanish) and the Council
    for Arts and Letters from Quebec (CALQ)
    International Writer-in-residence program
    With full economic support.
  • Tijuana/San Diego, MÉXICO/ESTADOS UNIDOS, 2006.
    Writers’ Lab in the Border In coordination with the
    Technological Institute of Monterrey (ITESM, in Spanish), Fund
    of Economic Culture (FCE, in Spanish) and the National Foundation
    for Mexican Letters (FLM, in Spanish)Writers-in-Residence for Mexican and American Writers
    With lodging support scholarship.


Long term visits which have as an objective to offer conferences, readings, workshops and/or cultural activities, with no engagement with the host institution of completing a specific creative project during the visit.

  • Tokio, JAPÓN, 2010.
    With support of the Mexican Embassy in Japan
    Literary stay as a writer and Japanese Poetry translator
  • Tokio, JAPÓN, 2009.
    With support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in
    Mexico (SRE) and the Embassy of Mexico in Japan
    Literary stay as a writer and Japanese Poetry translator
  • Viena, AUSTRIA, 2007.
    With activities and support of the Mexican Embassy
    in Austria (Mexican Cultural Institute), Latin American
    Poetry Forum, Chilean Cultural Center Centronce and the
    la Association of English Poets in Vienna “Labyrinth”
    Literary stay as a fiction writer and poet


  • Osaka, JAPÓN, 2000-2004.
    Osaka University (Osaka Daigaku)
    Master Degree in Public Policy
    Postgraduate course in Economics Research
    Academic Japanese Language Course
    Japan Ministry of Education (Mombugakusho) Full Scholarsip for Graduate Students
  • Osaka, JAPÓN, 1996-1997.
    Kansai University for Foreign Studies (Kansai Gaidai)
    Asian Studies Program
    Association for International Exchange Students in Japan (AIEJ) Scholarship and
    Monterrey Superior Studies Technological Institute (ITESM) Scholarship.


  • Viena, AUSTRIA, 2006-2011. (several short term periods)
    United Nations Organization (UNO) – International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
    Technical Cooperation – Latin American Division
    Professional Consultant