Jíosiata Nooki

8Anthologie of the First Bilingual Literary Contest of Cajeme “Jíosiata Nóoki”, 2006.
Literature: Fiction (poetry, short story, theater).
Bilingual Edition (Spanish-Yaqui).

 “Jíosiata Nóoki means The word in the paper. Commonly, in Yaqui culture the stories and legends would be shared with words from mouth to mouth, as oral tradition. Therefore Jíosiata Nóoki invites us to put down in written form all that we would like to express. This memory-book compiles short stories and poems written in Spanish, Mayo and Yaqui, by the winners of the First Bilingual Literary Contest of Cajeme, coordinated by Cristina Rascón. The first nation community of the Yaqui people inhabits the Mexican northern border, between the south of Sonora and the south of Arizona, United States. This is one of the very few books which embrace contemporary Yaqui literature, as well as the voices of Spanish speakers of the south of Sonora, fruit of their crossbred and specific historical evolution. “

 Cristina Rascón, coordinator.

Some texts from Jíosiata Nóoki:

Sonrío para mi adentro, by Crescencio Buitimea Valenzuela bandera-mexico bandera-yaqui
Poetry winner, general category, Yaqui language.

Ángel Yaqui, by Juan Pedro Maldonado Martínez bandera-mexico bandera-yaqui
Short story winner, general category, Yaqui language.

Camila y el abuelo, by Emilia Buitimea Yocupicio  bandera-mexico
Childrens‘ short story, finalist, general category, Spanish/Mayo language.

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