4Sonora State Institute of Culture (ISC, in Spanish), 2006.
Literature: Fiction (short stories).
Author: Cristina Rascón Castro
Selected for the Editorial Program of the State of Sonora

“STORYTRAFFICS has three parts: breakfast, breast and language. It’s an oblong universe, where insane creativity persists. Its line is pure imagination; but not just any imagination: it is hallucinatory, wild and post-modern, that could be laying in a Maizoro cereal box or a spaceship window. These are fourteen stories which are fourteen reasons to think of something else: the astroduct or the aristopeyas. These are intimate stories, seen from the perspective of love and curse; such layers are overlapped with the familiar ones: the smile is the proof; nevertheless, what moistens is the language. The word expresses itself, which is the essence of this art. The degree zero of beauty.
Cristina creates a carefree discourse and, oscillating, it adapts to all intentions: the good, the bad, and the unmentionable. With technique, she moves between fantastic stories and the realistic. This is a book for fine and perverse pleasures. For unfolding different and provocative dreams. To warn us that the splinters of the day are part of us, and how splendid it is that a young woman is telling us that. ” – 
Élmer Mendoza 

Some short stories from Cuentráficos:

  • Se venden historias  bandera-mexico  bandera-fra bandera-china 
  • Diatriba  bandera-mexico   bandera-uk  bandera-china
  • La visita  bandera-mexico  bandera-uk bandera-fra

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